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The course with a range of resources that makes teaching and learning so much fun.

  • Level: Junior A & B

A vibrant, lively course, researched and written in Greece, that makes it easy for your students to succeed in English. Free MultiROM for every student. Vocabulary and Grammar Companion with Pronunication CD available at each level.

  • Class Book with FREE MultiROM
  • Activity Book
  • Test Booklet
  • Interleaved Teacher’s Book
  • Class Audio CD
  • Flashcards pack (for A and B)
  • Class DVD
  • Toby, Tom and Lola iTools
  • Vocabulary and Grammar Companion with FREE pronunciation CD

Key features

  • NEW Toby, Tom and Lola iTools for your interactive whiteboard
  • Amusing cartoon stories feature Toby, Tom and Lola, and introduce the grammar point for the lesson.
  • All the grammar you need to cover with Junior A & B classes.
  • Easy-to-follow activities practise grammar and vocabulary.
  • Upbeat songs make grammar and vocabulary more memorable.
  • Factfile reading texts provide extra reading and present new language in the context of the real world.
  • Alphabet introduced and practised in Class Book Junior A.
  • Three festival lessons (Christmas, Carnival and Easter) plus an end-of-year play to use if you choose.


NEW Toby, Tom and Lola iTools for your interactive whiteboard
  • Animated stories, with and without the text for listening, reading, and talking about the stories and vocabulary.
  • Recordings of the songs, with ?karaoke? versions, make practising language fun.
  • Activities to get the whole class involved and eager to practise English.

Why are the Toby, Tom and Lola stories so much fun? Find out.

How are the units structured in Toby, Tom and Lola? Find out.