Project 1 Tankönyv

Project 1 Tankönyv


A Project a jól ismert Project English nyelvkönyvsorozat átdolgozott kiadása, mely a három kötet helyett most öt szinten biztosít szilárd alapokat a felsőtagozatos korosztály számára az angol nyelv elsajátításához.

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  • Project 2 tanmenet (DOC: 34 KB)
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  • Project 4 tanmenet (DOC: 35 KB)
  • Project Plus tanmenet (DOC: 49 KB)
    • ISBN: 978-0-19-436757-8

    Key features

    • Project brings English to life through motivating topics within a structured learning environment.
    • It provides a clearly-structured, supportive framework of grammar with the flexibility to allow students to make their own discoveries.
    • Language is presented in stimulating, realistic contexts.
    • A high profile is given to skills development from the start of the course.
    • Cross-curricular project work encourages students to communicate in English about their own lives and experiences.
    • The strong cultural element helps students to establish a connection between language and life. Students are encouraged to learn about life in Britain and other English-speaking countries, as well as to explore differences and draw comparisons with their own cultures.
    • Strong emphasis is placed on learner independence: students are encouraged to think about their own learning and reflect on their progress.
    • The course is enriched by numerous songs, games, and puzzles which make language learning fun.
    • The fifth level, Project Plus, is a revision level with the emphasis on skills extension, in particular reading and speaking.