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A new three-level course for young teenagers

  • Language Level: Beginner/Elementary to Pre-Intermediate

Key features

  • A new course that has been written by the author of the successful Open Doors series. In it he has combined the best in traditional and modern methodology to create a book which both teachers and students will find enjoyable and easy to use.
  • Motivating for young students

  • Students will love the exciting adventure story at the beginning of each unit which provides a lively introduction to the new grammar and vocabulary.
  • The course presents a wide variety of up-to-date topics that are of real interest to young students, such as sports, hobbies, animals, films, and computers.
  • All the exercise types are designed to appeal to young students, and each unit ends with a motivating song that revises and consolidates the new language of the unit.
  • Thorough treatment of grammar and vocabulary

  • There is a strong emphasis on grammar with two pages of grammar presentation and practice in each unit. Each point is presented clearly with charts and tables, and is thoroughly reinforced with plenty of systematic practice exercises.
  • Students will quickly build up their vocabulary as each unit contains a whole page of new vocabulary, complete with practice exercises.
  • The Grammar help at the end of each Student's Book provides a useful and comprehensive reference section.
  • Careful attention to skills work

  • Students are given plenty of practice in reading, writing, listening and speaking in each unit. The reading texts are carefully graded, and feature a variety of stimulating topics, together with useful comprehension work.
  • The course has a guided approach to writing, and students are given clear model texts and training in basic writing skills before being asked to write short compositions.
  • Students are encouraged to speak to each other in English and listen to short conversations, always on topics that reflect their interests and experience.
  • Regular revision and consolidation

  • Revision is a key feature. The introductory unit at the beginning of each level reminds students of the language they have learned in the previous year, whilst the Revision sections after every four units ensure a regular review of the new grammar and vocabulary.
  • The Progress review sections in the Workbook allow students to check that they have learned the new language in each unit and encourage them to take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Optional projects and stories

  • The optional projects at the back of the Student's Books offer plenty of opportunity for creative work, and allow students of different abilities to work at their own pace.
  • The optional stories reinforce the new language that has been taught, and can be used at any time during the course.