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A skills development course, designed specially for teenagers in Grade 9.

  • Уровень: Starter to Pre-Intermediate (2 levels)

Основные характеристики

  • Skill Zone Plus teaches students the skills and strategies they need to improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing in English.
  • A wide variety of exercise types provide systematic development of sub-skills.
  • Motivating topics relate to students' experience, while an international focus also enables them to learn about the wider world.
  • A wide variety of material, including magazine articles, short stories, interviews, e-mails and brochures, familiarize students with different text types.
  • A comprehensive vocabulary syllabus builds on and extends the vocabulary covered in the main coursebook.
  • Each unit starts with a presentation page to introduce the topic and vocabulary, and ends with entertaining 'Extra!' pages containing real pop songs, questionnaires, general knowledge quizzes and mini-projects.
  • An exciting story after every two units develops students' extensive reading skills and is the basis for a range of creative activities to do either in class or at home.

Skill Zone Plus! includes:

Skill Zone Plus! includes: