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Link Up Türkiye

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Link Up Türkiye is a communicative, integrated skills course for Anatolian High Schools which gives teenagers practical language and real world skills.

  • Language Level: A1 – B1

This course for Anatolian High Schools gives you everything you need to capture your students’ attention – and keep it! Three videos in every unit, digital class games and plenty of collaborative activities get students talking and keep motivation levels high. The course is ideal for mixed-ability classes, with extra support and extension tasks on iTools, and three levels of task in the Workbook and on the Tests and Resources MultiROM.

  • Student’s Book
  • Workbook with Online Practice
  • Teacher’s Book
  • Class Audio CD
  • Tests and Resources Multi-ROM
  • iTools

Key features

  • Follows the teaching and learning principles for Grades 9 – 12 of the English Curriculum
  • Correlates to CEFR levels A1 – B1
  • Teaches grammar and vocabulary through the four skills, giving teenagers practical language for real life
  • Rich digital package keeps lessons varied
  • Promotes learner autonomy
  • Ideal for mixed-ability classes


This communicative, integrated skills course follows the teaching and learning principles for Grades 9-12 of the Ministry of Education English Curriculum.

Develops real life skills and language
Link Up gives teenagers practical language and skills to succeed in the real world. Grammar and vocabulary are taught through the four skills, leading to a more communicative classroom. Productive tasks in every lesson get students talking, and Practical English pages in every unit introduce everyday communicative situations – from organizing a party, to talking in an interview. Three creative projects per level get teenagers working together whilst developing their research skills.

Rich digital package keeps lessons varied
Capture your students’ attention with three videos in every unit!
  • Interactive Riverpark Mystery videos give learners the opportunity to take part in the action and influence the outcome.
  • Warm-up videos motivate students for the unit ahead.
  • Culture videos extend teenagers’ knowledge about the world.
The iTools presentation software also includes engaging grammar animations with fun storylines, interactive tasks and vocabulary presentations. Digital class games provide a lively way to revise the content covered in each unit. Students will love getting competitive with Lucky Wheel, Walk the Plank and Make a Path.

CEFR-aligned Online Practice supports and develops all four language skills using a step-by-step process, encouraging students to explore, practise and reflect on their learning.

Promotes learner autonomy
Link Up encourages students to reflect on their progress in order to become more independent learners, with opportunities for self-evaluation on the Language Summary and Review pages.

Authentic assessment materials
You’ll find plenty of materials for authentic assessment on the Tests and Resources MultiROM, and in the course itself. Every unit is supported with an authentic Speaking test, and the unit tests include realistic writing tasks. Practical English, Writing and Project pages provide guided productive tasks, which you can use for more informal assessment.

Ideal for mixed-ability classes
It’s never been easier to offer just the right amount of challenge to every student. iTools provides extra support tasks for weaker students, and extension work for fast finishers, and there are three levels of task in the Workbook and on the Tests and Resources MultiROM.

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Link Up Türkiye includes:

Link Up Türkiye includes: