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Vul.Volodymyrska, 69, office 321
Kyiv 01033
Tel +380 44 287 4734
Fax +380 44 254 2955

For mailing purposes:

Box 52
Kyiv 01010


(380) 44 254 2955


(380) 44 254 2955

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Anna Morris, Area Manager

Години роботи

09.00 - 17.00, Monday to Friday; visitors by appointment only


ELT Consultant for Kyiv

Yuliia Solomentseva
Tel: (067) 551 4418
Email: yulia.solomentseva@oup.com

ELT Consultant for Western Ukraine

Larissa Sichivitsa
Tel: (067) 996 0131
Email: larissa.sichivitsa@oup.com


  • Seminars, book presentations and teacher training
  • Counselling on ELT titles by phone or visit
  • Loan of sample ELT books considered for adoption
  • Free supplementary materials, tests to accompany full class sets
  • Mailings of newsletters and information on new titles, seminars, presentations and author visits: supporting documents of the Ministry of Education and Science.  EFL teachers may join our mailing-list by sending their name, home and school addresses and information about their teaching interests and their students' age group.


Please contact our office at the address and/or telephone number above to receive a free listing of recommended bookshops. Some information is available on our where to order page.


English Language Teaching books, video and audio material. Please note that we have no sales function. To purchase Oxford University Press books please contact our distributors (see below).


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