English Language Teaching Event



  • Speakers:
    Emily Christensen, Stephen Miles, Eddy Jones
  • Date and Time:
    31st May 2023, 10:00-11:50 CST (UTC+7)
  • Lauguage:
  • Who it is for:
    English teachers in Asia and other regions

Welcome to the new Asia Talks with Oxford 2023. These online events will run throughout the year and are open to everyone!
Our new series of talks are delivered by classroom teacher practitioners, alongside our Professional Development experts, providing practical activities & tips on our courses and the trends and topics facing teachers today.
Join our community and let us help you to develop the teaching and learning experience for you and your students. Please see the sessions below on ‘teaching reading’ and join the topics relevant for you.

* The webinar takes place in the East Asia timezone (10am CST~) but we invite teachers from anywhere on the globe who are interested in the talks to sign up and watch the live talk or the recording!



Session 1: Digital Storytelling for Inclusive Classrooms by Emily Christensen & Stephen Miles

Storytelling is a powerful and emotional teaching and learning tool. In this interactive webinar, gain access to digital tools and learn how to create learning experiences to captivate students, all while developing their literacy skills. Enhance inclusive learning across different ages and levels using digital storytelling tools, fostering excitement and enthusiasm in our young learners.

Join us and take away a new outlook on storytelling. Leave this webinar with practical ways in which you can incorporate forms of digital storytelling to enhance learning and engagement with Oxford Reading Club’s 5 Steps to Interact with Texts. This approach provides an access point for all levels of language learners and will empower student voices. We cannot wait to meet you all!

Session 2: Mapping Connections on the Reading Journey by Eddy Jones

Books can be ‘Windows, Mirrors and Sliding Glass Doors’ (Bishop 1990)
In every genre of text, readers need to know how to look for signposts, to guide their thinking, and help them to ask the right questions.

Using picture books, we will explore thinking prompts and how they can help readers to use:
1. text-to-self connections and think about how the story is similar to their own life.
2. text-to-text connections to compare what they are reading with related texts, including translanguaging strategies that leverage the reader’s home language.
3. text-to-world connections to ask themselves if the text reminds them of something that has happened, is happening or will happen in the world.
Finally, we will explore connecting learners’ reading experiences with creating roadmaps for their own writing journeys.


10:00-10:50 CST - Session 1: Digital Storytelling for Inclusive Classrooms
10:50-11:00 CST - Break
11:00-11:50 CST - Session 2: Mapping Connections on the Reading Journey

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Emily Christensen

Emily currently teaches grade 4 and is the Elementary Team Leader at American School Hong Kong. She is in her 10th year of teaching across various elementary grade levels in Shenzhen, Lisbon, the US, and now Hong Kong. In her time as an educator, Emily has used and introduced a variety of storytelling tools for varying student populations. When not teaching, she loves trail running, traveling, and cooking.


Stephen Miles

Stephen is the Head of Library and STEAM Coordinator at the American School Hong Kong and has spent the last 20 years as an educator in the Toronto Board of Education. Prior to moving to Hong Kong with his family, Stephen has held positions as a Principal, STEM Coach, Library/Media Specialist, Teacher and as a presenter in the area of digital technology. Outside of the classroom, Stephen enjoys hiking, traveling, and reading.


Eddy Jones

Originally from Wales, UK. Eddy has been teaching in both Japan and the UK for over 30 years. He currently teaches elementary level multilingual learners at Nagoya International School in Japan. Outside the classroom, Eddy has developed the Kidzuna Community Connection Programme supporting communities hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, and the Forest Kids Project which aims to get kids to learn through re-engaging with nature.

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31st May 2023, 10:00-11:50 CST (UTC+7)
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