• Dates: 6th - 17th May 2019
  • Speakers: Zuzana Straková, Roman Čančinov
  • Time: 9:00-12:30 CET
  • Location: Nitra, Bratislava, Trenčín, Žilina, Prešov, Košice, Banská Bystrica

Communication matters!
Pronunciation matters
CLIL na hodinách angličtiny



Communication matters!
The main reason why we learn languages is to communicate with people around us. Yet, communication seems to be one of the issues where our students seem to struggle the most. They handle grammar or vocabulary exercises with ease and when it comes to using the language in communicative activities, they start to stumble. This workshop will point to a few reasons why we should not give up and keep using communicative activities as often as we can and at the same time it will highlight several aspects which keep students engaged and interested.

Pronunciation matters
Many students work hard to learn English vocabulary, and to develop accuracy in their usage and grammar – but when it comes to using the language orally, in real-life situations, they find that a lack of understanding of pronunciation has a big impact on their capacity to communicate. To help students get the full value from the English they’ve spent time learning, they need the assistance of dedicated teachers, and engaging, effective pronunciation training tools. In this session, we are going to look at some practical tips on how to work with words and their pronunciation, typical problems Slovak students have, mispronounced words, and we will also share our ideas of improving English pronunciation.

CLIL na hodinách angličtiny (ELT consultant OUP Slovakia)
CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) refers to situations where subjects, or parts of subjects, are taught through a foreign language. In this session we will be focusing on the so-called soft CLIL form, in which emphasis is put on learning the language rather than the content. This sort of CLIL is often part of language courses. We will provide you with various practical ideas and activities that you can use in your lessons by exploring the content of other subjects or OUP CLIL Graded Readers.

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Zuzana Straková is a TEFL lecturer and has been teaching and working with pre-service trainees, trainers and in-service teachers since 1991. She works at the Institute of British and American Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Prešov University in Slovakia. Recent years of her research have been devoted to teaching English to young learners. She has supervised several successful projects with this focus and has piloted several innovative approaches in her own classes within the field research. She has conducted numerous lectures, seminars and workshops for pre-service and in-service English language teachers in Slovakia.

Roman Čančinov studied at the University of Prešov, Faculty of Humanities and Natural Sciences, English and German Language and Literature. He improved his qualification at methodology centre in Prešov. He gained his experience of teaching EFL whilst teaching teenagers at secondary school and teaching different age groups privately. Since 2007 he has been working for Oxford University Press as an ELT Consultant. He has organized a lot of teacher training events and given presentations on the methodology at various conferences and seminars in Slovakia. He co-operates with educational institutions around Slovakia, from primary and secondary schools, to universities, libraries and methodology centres.

6th May 2019

Párovská 1,
94901 Nitra
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7th May 2019

Ekonomická Univerzita,
Dolnozemská 1,
85235 Bratislava
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9th May 2019

Obchodná akadémia,
Martina Rázusa 1,
911 29 Trenčín
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10th May 2019

Krajská knižnica,
A. Bernoláka 47,
011 77 Žilina
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14th May 2019

Základná škola,
Šrobárova 20,
080 01 Prešov
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16th May 2019

Technická univerzita,
Boženy Němcovej 32,
04001, Košice
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17th May 2019

Štátna vedecká knižnica,
Lazovná 9,
974 01 Banská Bystrica
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