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Welcome to the Oxford Discover Family...

Lifelong learning starts with the Oxford Discover Family: the first complete inquiry-based approach from Kindergarten to the end of Secondary which equips learners with 21st Century skills for success.

The series that grows with your students: each course builds to the next, developing learners with the right level of challenge at every step.

The 3 key priniciples…


1. Inquiry-based Learning

Inquiry-based learning maximizes student involvement, encourages collaboration and teamwork, and promotes critical thinking and creativity.


2. 21st Century Skills and Global Skills

As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, today’s young students must develop strong skills in critical thinking, global communication, collaboration, and creativity. In order for learner’s to become well-rounded citizens they must also develop their understanding of intercultural competence, citizenship, digital literacies, emotional self-regulation and well-being.


3. Language and Literacy Support

The Oxford Discover family provides language support with a fast-paced vocabulary and grammar syllabus that develops with the learner, from pre-primary to secondary. It also teaches essential literacy skills that encourage students to read critically through a range of text types and genres.

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