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Welcome to Oxford Discover Futures...

  • What is the value of time?
  • How do groups work together?
  • Why do we tell stories?

Oxford Discover Futures sparks students' imaginations with thought-provoking questions – inspiring them to think critically about the world around them.

The inquiry-based methodology equips learners with 21st Century Skills in critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity to prepare them for success at school and beyond.

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Key features

  • Integrated videos at the start and end of every unit lead discussion and debate.
  • Language in use lessons and skills strategies improve fluency and all four skills.
  • Life skills lessons develop transferable skills for lifelong learning.
  • Project lessons enable students to present cross-curricular topics in English.
  • Literature lessons introduce diverse literary genres.

Fully flexible

Fully flexible teaching and learning tools for you and your students

Whether you’re teaching face to face, remotely, or both, Oxford Discover Futures offers flexible teaching and learning tools for every situation. Oxford Discover Futures is available in both print and digital format so you can choose how you use it.

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Why Oxford Discover Futures is the go-to course for 21st Century Skills...

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The inquiry-based approach appeals to students' intellectual curiosity, provoking critical thinking, discussion and debate on global issues and supporting autonomous learning.

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Life skills lessons equip students with the transferable skills they need for success in the world beyond school.

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Complete assessment package helps teachers to measure students' progress and achievement, and includes assessment of 21st century skills throughout the course.

Skills logo

Skills strategies equip students with tools to take their reading, writing, speaking and listening to a higher level.

Literature logo

Literature lessons develop creativity by encouraging students to analyse and respond to literary texts, play scripts, poems and short stories.

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Project pages challenge students to work together on other subjects.