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Show and Tell second edition Level 1 Student's Book cover
Show and Tell second edition Level 2 Student's Book cover
Show and Tell second edition Level 3 Student's Book cover

  • Who's in your family?
  • What do our senses tell us?
  • What’s in your neighborhood?

Show and Tell 2nd edition taps into children’s natural curiosity, encouraging them to ask questions and find their own answers through a series of ‘Big Questions’.

The 2nd edition builds on Show and Tell's tried and tested methodology, developing 21st Century Skills in critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity to prepare students for future success both inside and outside the classroom.

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As an additional to the course we have created Big Question Cards, which support you as you introduce each new module to the class. The Big Question Cards stimulate interest in the topic of the module, helping students to predict, infer, and check the meaning of the main learning points. These can be used as standalone resources or alongside the course as you introduce each topic to your students.

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How can you best prepare your students for Primary school with Show and Tell?

Read these top tips!

Increase their focus

First grade activity times tend to be longer than in kindergarten. A few months before the end of term you can gradually begin to increase the amount of time you spend on each activity, by 30 seconds at a time, and try to build them up from 5 minute to 10 minute blocks.

Get them to try

First graders needs to be more independent learners. When you do a new activity in class let your students figure things out for themselves, and wait as long as possible before helping them. Using encouraging language like "You can do it!" or "Let's try agin!" helps them to build confidence in themselves and learn from mistakes.

Talk to them

It is possible that the children have concerns or worries about first grade. Use a lesson on feelings and emotions to talk about first grade and answer any questions that might come up.

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Fifi the fox

Do you use Fifi the fox puppet in class?

Kathryn Harper, one of the authors from Show and Tell, gives her top ten tips for using a puppet in the classroom

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