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Are you interested in joining our global research community to shape the future of English language assessment?

Our Pretesting Research Partners work with us to trial our exam questions before they become part of our live tests – and it's completely free.

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Why get involved?

Watch the video Watch the video to find out more!

  • Stress-free practice - Give students practice taking online assessments without the pressure of taking a real exam.
  • Fast results - Results are provided instantly for Reading and Listening. Writing and Speaking are marked by trained assessors, so a breakdown of scores is provided within 3 weeks.
  • Total flexibility – Choose when you want to pretest and how often - from every month to once a year, we require no commitment.
  • Be part of something bigger – Contribute to the future of English language assessment as part of our global research community.

Please note, because this is a research activity, the results cannot be used to place students at a particular CEFR level, or as proof of proficiency. However, you can use them to identify where students need more practice, or to rank individuals within a class.

How it works

Pretesting is easy to get involved in and we support you throughout the whole process.

  1. Apply to become a Pretesting Research Partner.
  2. Your application is reviewed to ensure your institution can take part.
  3. Once you are accepted, tell us how many students you have available, by CEFR level and by age.
  4. We provide you with pretest licences subject to availability and research needs.
  5. Set up your sessions and access login details for your students using the pretesting admin portal.
  6. Students take the pretests at school (not at home) under exam conditions, any day or time during the 1 month validity period.
  7. We provide the results, and you provide us with feedback from the sessions.


For the full requirements to become a Pretesting Research Partner, please see page 6 of the Pretesting Research Partner Handbook.

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