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Ready to go activities aligned to your course

Set clear practice by managing what your students see and when - lock and unlock units, lessons or individual activities.

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Engage your students

With videos, audio and various interactive activities with instant automated marking and awards.

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Track and analyse your students' progress and scores

Using the integrated Gradebook with a variety of easy to use, visual reports that can be shared with students and parents.

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Manage home-learning with confidence

Quickly create classes, enrol your students, assign practice and communicate via the messages function and discussion boards.

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Easy to access

On desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

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Teacher's Resources

Find helpful resources to enhance your teaching all in one place.

Did you know? Online Practice for our new and best-selling courses is now available on Oxford English Hub, where students can access all their digital course materials in one place.

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96% of participants agreed that using Oxford Online Practice has had a positive impact on students’ engagement with learning English outside the classroom.

“I believe that students who work on the Online Practice really do improve their command of the language…”

“In my case the students enjoy the Online practice because they are used to being in contact with the language by using it almost unconsciously.”

“It supports their sense of achievement, improves pronunciation, keeps them engaged through varied activity types…”

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