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Oxford Learner's Bookshelf

ESU President's Award 2013 Shortlisted

The home of your interactive digital books:

  • Student Book and Workbook e-books for interactive learning activities
  • Graded Reader e-books for fun reading to build language skills
  • Classroom Presentation Tools for delivering engaging lessons on screen

Student Book and Workbook e-books

  • Engage students with interactive learning activities – the e-book comes to life with extra digital features to enhance the learning experience:
    • watch video straight from the page
    • complete interactive activities with automated marking
    • listen to audio for authentic listening practice
    • voice record to practice speaking and pronunciation
    • add notes and use the pen and highlighter tool to annotate the page
    • easily navigate using bookmarks, jump to page, and the search tool
  • Encourage students to study anytime, anywhere – ready to go activities for inside or outside the classroom which can be accessed online or offline.
  • Connect students to a world‑famous dictionary –quickly look up the definitions of words and phrases from the Oxford Learner's Dictionaries with helpful pronunciation guidance, at the right level.

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Graded Reader e-books

  • Improve language skills with hundreds of award-winning, captivating Graded Reader e-books to choose from including stories, non-fiction and biographies.
  • Enhance the reading experience with engaging activities integrated into each book.
  • Improve pronunciation with the listen, record and playback feature.
  • Celebrate achievements with the 'Reading Diary'. Students can keep track of their reading progress and download certificates showing books read, CEFR levels, words read, and time spent reading and share them with their teacher and parents.
  • Build confidence by progressing through our carefully CEFR-levelled Graded Readers at your own pace.

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Classroom Presentation Tools

  • Deliver engaging lessons– bring your coursebooks to life in the classroom. Simply present your learning resources on screen for highly engaging lessons either face to face or online.
  • Create an interactive learning experience – instantly play audio and video, launch fun activities and games, show answers, present scripts and expand images for discussion, all from the front of the class.
  • Save time and make lesson planning easy – quickly navigate to your ready to go lessons, add personalised notes and use the pen and highlighter tool to annotate the page. Prepare your lessons anywhere, even when you are offline.

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You can also get your students prepared for the start of term with Oxford learner's Bookshelf. Whether you have one class or a whole school, you can quickly create classes and assign e-books to your students. Enrolment enables an institution to:

  • Set up an online organization/school
  • Upload access codes to the online organization ready to assign to students and teachers
  • Invite students and teachers to join the organization, individually or in bulk
  • Create online classes and enrol students into classes with a teacher
  • Assign learning material to the students (with or without a licence)

Contact your ELT consultant to find out more about enrolment in Oxford Learner's Bookshelf

Buy e-books for your students

  1. Decide which e-books best suit your students. Do they need the Student's Book and a Workbook? Which Graded Readers would be right for their level?

    To make it easier for students, you can request an access code that gives students several e-books at the same time, or just one e-book.

    For example:

    • Student's Book
    • Student's Book + Workbook
    • Student's Book + Workbook + Reader
  2. Contact your ELT consultant to arrange to purchase access codes from your usual bookshop or distributor.

Get your students using their e-books

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