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English Language Teaching Online Conference 09.12.22—10.12.22

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ELTOC is your chance to chat, share, and learn with teachers from around the world! Join us live on social media to have your say on the latest issues in education and talk directly with our speakers!

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ELTOC Schedule

Friday 09.12.22
10.45 - 13.40 UTC

  • Welcome to ELTOC Day 1

    10.45 - 11.00 UTC


    With Mark Richard and Edmund Dudley
    11.00 - 11.40 UTC


    With Jenny Dance and Paul Woodfall
    11.45 - 12.25 UTC

  • Updates from OUP

    12.30 - 12.40 UTC


    With Jamie Keddie
    12.45 - 13.25 UTC

Saturday 10.12.22
01.45 - 04.40 UTC

  • Welcome to ELTOC Day 2

    01.45 - 02:00 UTC


    With Oliver Bayley and Joon Lee
    02.00 - 02.40 UTC


    With Zarina Subhan and Colm Downes
    02.45 - 03.25 UTC

  • Updates from OUP

    03.30 - 03.40 UTC


    With Christopher Sheen
    03.45 - 04.25 UTC

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(Friday 09.12.22)

Block 2 on Facebook
(Saturday 10.12.22)


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(Friday 09.12.22)

Block 2 on YouTube
(Saturday 10.12.22)


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Block 1 on LinkedIn
(Friday 09.12.22)

Block 2 on LinkedIn
(Saturday 10.12.22)

Meet our speakers

Chris Sheen

Chris Sheen

Christopher Sheen is an educator who has for twenty-six years engaged all types of learner profiles in the ELT field, in North and South America, Asia, Europe, and Africa. From 2014 to 2021 he worked as teacher trainer and Professional Development coordinator with Oxford University Press, based in Istanbul, Turkey. He continues to be a tutor on the Oxford Teachers' Academy. Prior to OUP he was the lead trainer in the corporate sales division of Japan's largest language company as well as being a full-time English instructor in several departments in the largest university in western Japan.

Colm Downes

Colm Downes

Colm has been involved in education and specifically language education, higher education and professional skills training for over 20 years across Europe, the Middle East and East Asia. Most recently Colm worked as the Director English, Education and Society for the British Council Indonesia and was the British Council global technical lead for 'Climate Action in Language Education'. Colm is passionate about the role of cultural relations in international diplomacy as well as equipping young people with the skills, network and opportunities they need to drive transformative social economic change and develop solutions to global challenges.

Ed Dudley

Ed Dudley

Ed Dudley is a professional development manager for Oxford University Press where he works on developing the Oxford Teachers' Academy courses. He has extensive experience of training, teaching and materials writing. He is the co-author of Mixed-Ability Teaching (OUP, 2016) and the author of ETpedia Teenagers (Pavilion Publishing, 2018).

Jamie Keddie

Jamie Keddie

Jamie Keddie is the founder of LessonStream – a community of teachers with a passion for using story to engage students. He is the author of "Images" (OUP, 2008), "Bringing Online Video into the Classroom" (OUP, 2014), and "Videotelling: YouTube Stories for the Classroom" (LessonStream Books, 2017). Jamie is an affiliate trainer at Norwich Institute for Language Education (NILE) in the UK.

Jenny Dance

Jenny Dance

Jenny Dance is an English teacher and exam trainer with more than 20 years' ELT experience. She has a passion for pronunciation teaching and learning, and is also the Founder of Phona, publishers of the award-winning Say It: English Pronunciation app. Jenny is a regular contributor and presenter on the 'Learning English with Oxford' social channels. She believes using technology to support language learning can be both effective and fun - for learners and teachers!

Joon Lee

Joon Lee

Joon Lee has taught a variety of students in the EFL and ESL community ranging from kindergarten to university students and business professionals. He has held positions as an Academic Director, Content and Curriculum Developer, and Academic Advisor in his near 20 years of experience in Asia. He holds great respect for educators and administrators who show passion towards nurturing a learner's path to success.

Mark Richard

Mark Richard

Mark Richard is a Taiwan-based trainer with 20 years' ELT experience in East Asia and Europe. He has taught all age groups in various schools and agencies As OUP's Educational Services manager, he regularly presets at TESOL conferences, and is a certified trainer for the Oxford Teachers' Academy. He loves to fill his students' minds with curiosity so that they work hard without realizing it, and think for themselves.

Oliver Bayley

Oliver Bayley

Oliver has taught a wide variety of students including kindergarten, primary, secondary and adults.

In his more than 20 years of experience in the publishing industry and 25 years plus spent living and working in Asia, he has created and delivered Professional Development workshops and seminars for thousands of teachers in countries across the region. As well as presenting at national conferences in Japan (JALT), Korea (KOTESOL) Thailand (Thai TESOL), Cambodia (CAMTESOL), and Indonesia (TEFLIN), he also conducts workshops for smaller audiences. He has a keen interest in the use of fun, effective and collaborative activities and educational technology in the EFL classroom.

Paul Woodfall

Paul Woodfall

Paul Woodfall is OUP's Regional Training Co-ordinator for Central Asia and the Middle East. He has given training workshops from K1 -12 and university and trained, f2f and online, teachers in Spain, UAE, KSA, Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Yemen and the Sultanate of Oman.

He has lived and worked in the region for over 20 years. Specifically interested in "learning by doing", his main goal is to promote a greater understanding of student-centred, enquiry-based learning approaches, with the overall aim of encouraging critical thinking and the development of good study skills at all levels during the educational process.

Zarina Subhan

Zarina Subhan

Although Zarina Subhan originally qualified as a scientist, she has been working in the field of ELT for over 30 years. She has taught at all levels, in both private and government institutions and worked worldwide as a teacher and teacher educator.

Having worked both in and with educational institutions, she also has experience working with educational policy makers, NGOs, community leaders, local and state governments and in a variety of training contexts.

Zarina's time is now spent between delivering teacher training, conference presentations, speaking on educational topics, and writing materials. Having worked in the science, educational and development sectors, her interests are the neurology of learning; CLIL; continuing professional development for teachers; inclusive and sustainable education.

What teachers think of ELTOC

ELTOC is one of the international events I wouldn't miss for the world. Simply wonderful!
I have enjoyed this event for the past three years, I deeply appreciate the effort OUP makes to organize it. I am looking forward to attending ELTOC 2022.
ELTOC 2021 was an amazing experience. It was new and refreshing. The fact that you knew it's not just you experiencing the difficulties of online learning.
It was engaging, thoughtful, and boosted my mood, which was at its lowest.

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