90% of teachers worldwide who took part in an Oxford Impact study believe that English File improves students' speaking skills.

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  • Motivate students with new and updated texts, topics and tasks
  • Make class time more dynamic with Video Listening activities
  • Practise and develop language with Online Practice - including Sound Bank videos and Interactive Videos focused on Practical English
  • Manage all your teaching materials with the Teacher's Resource Centre
  • Show course content on screen with the Classroom Presentation Tool

"I love it when an English File lesson has a knock-on effect on students' lives, when they learn something new that encourages them to visit a place, watch something or donate to a charity"
- Christina Latham-Koenig, Co-author English File Fourth Edition
"The Practical English section is rich and interesting. The topics are well organized and well written. The units flow naturally. The Teacher's Book is outstanding and this includes the communicative photocopiables"
- English File Third Edition Teacher (Oxford Impact Study 2018)
"Teacher feedback is one of the really important things that shapes the new editions… from what teachers thought about the previous editions, to the lessons and material they would like us to include."
- Christina Latham-Koenig, Co-author English File Fourth Edition
"The course uses a more adult range of topics and the students are very involved in the conversation… they are able to improve their English gradually and without any anxiety"
- English File Teacher (Oxford Impact Study 2018)

Say It app

The award-winning Say It app allows you to listen to the model pronunciation, record yourself, see the stressed syllables and hear the phonemes. Use Say It to improve your pronunciation and build your confidence when speaking!

English File customers: The free Say It app comes with six examples from the English File Sound Bank, 20 English File words and one English File test. You can purchase more English File content in the app.

Download Say It for free here:

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English File's renowned Sound Bank has helped students with accurate pronunciation for over 20 years.
New Sound Bank videos linked to the Sound Bank Chart now give students the opportunity to watch a clear model of how to pronounce the sound, focusing on the movement of the mouth and vocal cords.

Watch an example of a new Sound Bank Video below: