Get expert advice to power your teaching

Expert advice to power your teaching

Our mission is to empower the global ELT community to teach and learn in the most successful way. We work with leading researchers and practitioners to achieve this goal and advise you on the key issues shaping language education today.

We are proud to share with you a wealth of insights informed by research and classroom practice to power your teaching. Our position papers provide expert advice and guidance on the major themes shaping language teaching. Our focus papers offer bite-sized insights and tips for the classroom.

Position papers

Download our position papers to access evidence-based guidance, exclusive training, and resources for your classroom.

Global Skills: Creating empowered 21st century learners NEW

Help every learner develop the skills they need for success in the 21st century, including:

  • Communication and collaboration
  • Creativity and critical thinking
  • Intercultural competence and citizenship
  • Emotional self-regulation and wellbeing
  • Digital literacies

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Everyone who downloads our position papers will also receive a toolkit of practical resources to help them implement the advice of our experts. Try out this sample resource from our Assessment for Learning toolkit

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Focus papers

Download our focus papers to access bite-sized insights and practical tips that you can use today.


Mobile Apps for English Language Teaching

Explore the benefits and challenges of mobile learning and how to bring educational apps into the English language learning classroom.

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Project-Based Learning

What is project-based learning? Understand the benefits, challenges and best practice for running a project with your English language learning class.

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Mediation in English Language Teaching

Discover how mediation skills can be taught and learned effectively in the English language classroom, including advice on overcoming challenges and tips for implementation.

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The Flipped Classroom

Flipped learning mixes ‘synchronous’ live learning with ‘asynchronous’ independent study. What does this form of blended instruction mean for the ELT classroom? How can it be implemented effectively?

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Oracy Skills

How is teaching speaking and listening different from teaching oracy skills? This paper explores the different strands of oracy skills, the challenges, and what it means in the reality of an ELT classroom.

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