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When you find the words

Learning English is not easy.

You have to remember unfamiliar words and train your mouth to make sounds that feel strange. You have to speak in front of people and make mistakes. There's nowhere to hide.

But we keep trying. Each mistake corrected and each word mispronounced we will remember next time.

And why? Because when you make yourself understood, when you find the words, the moment is magic. And the next step is yours to take.

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I started my journey when I moved to London after finishing university. I realized then that learning a language was much more than grammar or vocabulary. I could not establish the relationships I wanted, nor find the job I was seeking, but then I started to find the right words, initially only occasionally, but eventually ever more regularly. Sharing thoughts brought great relationships. Expressing ideas and ambitions brought professional opportunities. That journey has never left me. I keep on seeking the words, finding new ones and creating personal and professional opportunities I would have never imagined.

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– Santiago Ruiz de Velasco,
Managing Director, English Language Teaching, Oxford University Press

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