91% of teachers trust that Headway delivers the learning outcomes that support students to move to the next level of study.*

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Headway 5th edition retains the course's trusted methodology and has been updated with new texts, topics and digital resources.

  • Manage all of your teaching materials with the Teacher's Resource Centre
  • Show course content on-screen with the Classroom Presentation Tool
  • Practice and develop language with Online Practice
  • Motivate students with new and updated texts, topics and tasks
  • Generate discussion with inspiring photography unit openers

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Fully flexible

Fully flexible teaching and learning tools for you and your students

Whether you're teaching face to face, remotely, or both, Headway 5th edition offers flexible teaching and learning tools for every situation.
The fifth edition is available in both print and digital format so you can choose how you use it.

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"A new edition is not a question of just picking out one activity and inserting another. Every unit is redesigned, redeveloped, reconstituted and things do remain the same, but a lot changes as well."

- Liz Soars, Headway Author

"Headway provides not only material which helps you teach English in an engaging way but it is also packed with ideas on how to present the material in a novel way."

- Sara Salahshoor, Iran

"Headway has always offered me diverse and engaging materials which accommodates all my students' social and cultural backgrounds."

- Carlotta Dell'Arte, Italy

"I've been using Headway my whole life because I started learning English with Headway as a learner and I now work with Headway as a teacher! What I love about Headway is that it is so authentic and real."

- Karina Vardanyan, Germany

* The Headway Oxford Impact study was conducted in January and February 2018. 170 teachers responded. Oxford Impact is a unique way of evaluating the impact that educational products and services from Oxford University Press have on teaching and learning.