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Headway Scholarship Competition 2020

Announcement: Headway Scholarship Competition 2021

Due to the global disruption to education this year, the Headway Foundation has made the difficult decision to cancel the Headway Scholarship Competition 2021.

We understand that teachers in schools and universities continue to face great challenges around the world. We look forward to welcoming our 2020 Headway Scholarship winners to Oxford in 2021, and opening the competition once again in 2021.

For now, you can find out more about our winners here.

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Headway 5th Edition Intermediate cover

Review of Headway 5th edition:

This is possibly one of the best resources for teaching/learning English out there. One can tell that this is the work of professionals with a passion for communication. The visuals on every page are extremely well-suited and designed to remind why one learns to speak (or teach) a language in the first place.

Overall, the topics in this edition display a medley of adventure, joy, humour, nostalgia, inspiration, creativity, distance and proximity among people. These things are all the more meaningful in the context of lockdowns and restrictions and give a learner a fertile ground on which to found their expression.

Language Trainer, Germany

What is it like to win the Headway Scholarship?

The Headway Scholarship is made possible through the generosity of John and Liz Soars.

“The setting up of the Headway Scholarship, over ten years ago, was our way of repaying teachers for the trust you have placed in our writing. The exceptionally positive response from scholarship winners, from so many countries, has been very gratifying indeed.”

Liz Soars
Author of Headway

Liz Soars