insight is a truly innovative and comprehensive course tailored to the needs of today's students and teachers.”

— Gordana Nikolić, Croatia

insight is a five-level English course for secondary students that will challenge them to reach their full potential.

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A letter from the author, Jayne Wildman

An extract from the letter:

I’m sitting in a café in Barcelona...

I’m reading a book called The Element by Ken Robinson. On a table nearby, a few teenagers are chatting with their friends after a long day at school. ‘Our task is to educate (our students’) whole being so they can face the future,’ I read. ‘We may not see the future, but they will and our job is to help them make something of it.’ I look at the kids and think: ‘That’s quite a big task!’

— Jayne Wildman, insight author

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Top 10 Teaching Tips

Students often find it difficult to engage with reading and writing instruction and practice, particularly when large, intimidating texts are involved.

We have published a series of Top 10 Tips, designed to help teachers overcome this problem, all written by teacher-trainers with huge classroom experience. And you can download them here!

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Encourage your students to read for pleasure in English at the right level for them.

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