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For Teachers

Here you will find guidance and ideas for delivering lessons and homework online as well as material to support your professional development and wellbeing.

Teaching from Home

There are many ways you can start teaching English from home. From setting up a virtual classroom to using social media to connect with your students – see our top tips for engaging with learners online.

  1. Online Teaching Part 1: Getting Started
  2. Online Teaching Part 2: Practical Tips for English Language Lessons
  3. Online Teaching Part 3: Tips to Engage and Motivate Students
  4. The Complete Guide to Running a Blended Learning Course
  5. 10 ways home learning apps can boost children’s English learning
  6. Learn English with Virtual Environments
  7. 25 ideas for using WhatsApp with English language students

Online Teaching Resources

Online class activities for all ages and abilities at your fingertips.

  1. Sign up to the Oxford Teacher’s Club for online resources from your ELT course
  2. Find free resources and word lists with Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries
  3. Visit our Graded Reader’s Hub to browse and download extra resources to use with our readers.
  4. Download free map posters, worksheets and answer keys to teach students about the English-speaking world
  5. Discover our new Oxford 3000 word videos and activities:

  6. Travel and Transport

    Travel and Transport Activity

    Media and Technology

    Media and Technology Activity


    Sport Activity

    Fiction, TV and Film

    Fiction, TV and Film Activity


    Culture Activity


    Business Activity

Professional Development

Continue your professional development at home with webinars, blogs and expert advice from Oxford.

  1. Upcoming Webinars
  2. Webinar library highlights
  3. Advice from our experts
  4. Watch recordings of all the expert sessions at ELTOC 2020

Teacher Wellbeing

Take some time to focus your wellbeing so that you can continue to be a great teacher, even in demanding situations.

  1. Thinking Thoughtfully: Tips for your Wellbeing – Blog from Tammy Gregerson
  2. Tips for Language Teacher Wellbeing webinar
  3. Wellbeing video tips with Ushapa Fortescue

  4. Maintaining Discipline

    Maintaining Discipline

    Attitude of Gratitude

    Attitude of Gratitude

    Take a break

    Take a break

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For Parents

Support your child in learning English at home with tips and ideas for parents as well as apps and games that will make learning at home fun.

Guidance for Parents

Free online activities to support you with your child's learning. Try these fun ideas to motivate your child to learn English at home.

Oxford Parents

Apps for Home Learning

Apps and e-books are a great way for children to carry on learning wherever they are and help make English at home fun.

English at your fingertips

Graded Readers for Home Learning

Explore our collection of Graded Readers and browse or download extra resources to use alongside them.

Visit our Graded Readers Hub

For Learners

Learning English at home is made easy with our range of online resources for students of all ages. Connect with other learners from around the world or find activities you can start straight away wherever you are.

Online Learning Resources

Online activities to kick-start your learning at home