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Get on social media and share with other teachers your top tips for teaching and using Let’s Go in the classroom. From now until 28 February 2018, we are collecting teachers’ tips from around the world about how they use Let’s Go effectively with their students.

The top tips submitted will be selected and filmed by co-authors Ritsuko Nakata, Karen Frazier and Barbara Hoskins-Sakamoto and uploaded to the Oxford University Press YouTube channel.

Ritsuko Nakata
Karen Frazie
Barbara Hoskins-Sakamoto

Participating is simple

  1. Get on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account and upload your teaching tip
  2. Tag it with the hashtag #letsgoteachingtips
  3. Your tip could be a video, an image, a text post, or a photo of something you made with a short description
  4. The best tips will be short and easy to understand
  5. Search the hashtag for other teaching tips then share, like and comment

Be sure to share your tips by 28 February 2018!

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