Oxford Test of English

The Oxford Test of English is a new, high-quality general English proficiency test. It has been developed and validated by Oxford University Press and independent experts.

Endorsed by the University of Oxford

Endorsed by the University of Oxford

It is modern in style and content, relevant for today’s learners. It is 100% online and takes approximately 2 hours.

The Test is independent of any curriculum or course and aligned to the CEFR, providing external international credibility.

More about the test

The Oxford Test of English An Introduction

The Oxford Test of English: An Introduction


Approved Test Centres and Test Takers share their experiences.

I think that the online test is a good way of providing working professionals with a fast and precise view about how well they are going to perform using the language.

I like the opportunity I get to select the modules I wish to take.

Gergana Chergova, Adecco

It is very important to be able to offer our students an internationally recognized document for their level of English. It is very prestigious to be an OUP partner organization.

What I value about the Test is its adaptability and most of all, its contemporary content and design.

Madeleine Danova, Sofia University

The format is really user-friendly and the Test is very objective and accurate in terms of results, which are fully aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference...

Cooperation with Sofia University and its logo on the Report Card is another advantage of the Oxford Test of English.

Iva Andonova, Force LC Managing Director

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