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Get ready for the Oxford Test of English

The Oxford Test of English is an affordable, personalized test that fits you. 100% online, it's flexible, fast and available at Approved Test Centres worldwide. Plus, it's the only proficiency test certified by the University of Oxford.

The advantage of the Oxford Test of English is that you can take it without completing a specific preparation course, as long as you are studying at the right level.

You can use the resources provided below to help you prepare for the test, alongside your course materials. These resources will also give you an understanding of the format of the Oxford Test of English and types of questions asked, so you know what to expect.

To find out more about the appropriate level for you, speak to your teacher or a local Approved Test Centre.

The Practice Tests allow you to become familiar with the question types in the Oxford Test of English and with the format of the test. They should be used with the relevant audio files and audio scripts (for Speaking and Listening), explanatory answer keys (for Listening and Reading) and model answers (for Speaking and Writing).

The audio files include pauses and preparation times that match those in the real test.

The answer key provides explanations as to why answers are correct or not for Listening and Reading, as well as model answers for Speaking and Writing.

Please note that performance on these practice tests may only provide a rough indication of how you might expect to do in the real test. They have been adapted for self-study or classroom use without a computer, and they are not adaptive like the real test. They are available at different levels of the test and can be photocopied for class use.

Oxford Test of English Practice Tests

Oxford Test of English for Schools Practice Tests

You can also prepare for the Speaking and Writing modules by taking a look at our Speaking and Writing Tips. (Don’t forget to use the soundbites for extra study practice!)

You can also use the following sample test to help you prepare for the test:

Sample test, answer key and audioscripts (PDF, 1MB)

Audio files (ZIP, 40MB)

Try the Oxford Test of English online demo

Taking a test online is a different experience to traditional paper-based tests. It’s faster, easier to navigate, and tests you on skills you’re likely to use every day. But don’t just take our word for it!

Try our online demo to familiarise yourself with how it feels to take a test online, and the types of questions you might encounter when you take the Oxford Test of English or the Oxford Test of English for Schools.

Please note:

  • By accessing the demo you are not registering for the test.
  • You will not get results or a certificate.
  • The demo is free to use as many times as you want.
  • You can close the demo at any point. You do not have to answer all of the questions.
  • Do you have any special requirements? You can view options here.

Try the Oxford Test of English online demo test

Try the Oxford Test of English for Schools online demo test

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  • Study English at the right level. OUP coursebooks can be used as part of your preparation.
  • For more information please see A guide for test takers (PDF, 1.7MB).