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Become an approved test centre

Approved test centres

We are excited to work with our selected Oxford Test of English Approved Test Centres.

Once you become an Approved Test Centre we will provide you with promotional material to showcase your Approved Test Centre status:

  • An OTE Approved Test Centre plaque for outside the building.
  • A certificate confirming your Approved Test Centre status for your reception.
  • An Approved Test Centre logo to use on your website and in print publicity.
  • Approved Test Centre Branding Guidelines for publicity.
  • Listing on our website

A growing number of institutions have enhanced their assessment offer with the quality, flexibility and convenience of the Oxford Test of English.

Get ready for the test

The advantage of the Oxford Test of English is that students can take it without completing a preparation course, as long as they are studying at the right level. Students may approach their local test centre for advice about the level that is appropriate for them.

What is it like to take the test online?

  • Taking the Oxford Test of English is a positive experience. People who have taken the test say the test looks and feels modern and that they felt comfortable taking it.
  • Take a look at the interactive demo to understand what it is like for test takers.

There is also a downloadable sample test with the same questions, as well as the answer key:

Preparing for the test

  • Students prepare by studying English at the right level. OUP coursebooks can be used as part of their preparation.
  • Students should also familiarize themselves with the test, by trying the demo or a downloaded sample test (PDF, 1 MB).

Experience the Oxford Test of English with the online demo.

  • By accessing the demo you are not registering for the test
  • You will not get results or a certificate.
  • The demo is free to use as many times as you want.
  • The appearance of the real test may be different from the demo.
  • You can close the demo at any point. You do not have to answer all of the questions.

Do you have any special requirements? You can view options here

For the best experience, use the demo in a desktop browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge).

Download the sample test

You can also download the sample test with answer key, audioscripts (PDF, 1 MB) and audio files (ZIP, 40 MB).

Special requirements banner

Do your test takers have special requirements?

The Oxford Test of English provides a range of help options for test takers with special requirements related to visual difficulties, hearing difficulties, learning difficulties or access needs. For full details, go to the special requirements section of the 'For test takers' page.

To request help, the test taker and test centre manager must complete a Special Requirements Request Form and return it to

Please note the following information:

  • All applications for display or text options, or physical access requests, must be made at least one month ahead of the selected test date.
  • All applications for extra time, a private test session, or breaks between modules should be made three months ahead of the selected test date.
  • If supporting evidence is required, it should be in English or an English translation should be provided. It is the responsibility of the test taker to provide this.
  • If test centres cannot accommodate a test taker's requirement, you should still work with them to complete and submit the form. Oxford University Press will use this information to try to find an alternative centre.
  • Once the request has been processed, securely dispose of the form and related paperwork as confidential waste.