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Project Competition
Project Competition 2021

Congratulations to our winners and runners-up of The Project Competition 2021.

We had so many great entries this year - well done to everyone who entered the competition! We’re delighted to announce our winners and runners-up of the competition this year are from students in Ukraine, Pakistan, Belgium, and Romania.

Take a look at their poster entries below.

10 to 13 age category

Winner: Student group from Pakistan

Winner Pakistan

Runner up: Student group from Ukraine

Runner up Ukraine

14 to 17 age category

Winner: Student group from Belgium

Runner up Belgium

Runner up: Student group from Romania

Runner up Romania

Your task

For the Project Competition 2021, we’d like you to work in a group (2 to 4 students) and imagine you can invite anyone you’d like to your online video call, why you have chosen them, and what you’d like to ask them:

Who: Make a list of four people from past or present you’d like to invite

Why: Write a short paragraph explaining why you’d invite them to your online video call

What: Create (e.g. draw/dress up as) your people and write one question you’d like to ask them and what their answers might be

You can use the poster template (PDF, 20KB) provided to present your entry if you like. Your entry can be hand drawn, produced on a computer, or use real photos (i.e. your group dressing up as the people). If you use real photos, please submit a Model Release and Parental Consent forms (PDF, 82KB) for each student that appears. We will not accept photos from the internet.

Grand Prize

Grand prize

Runner-up Prize

Runner-up prize

This competition has now closed.

How to enter

Who can enter? Any teacher who teaches students age 10 – 17 can take part in the Project competition.

  1. Read the Terms and Conditions (PDF, 154KB) and Judging Criteria (PDF, 76KB)
  2. Divide your students into groups of 2-4, then ask them to think about who they would invite to an imaginary online video call.
  3. Ask each group to use to illustrate their online call guestlist, write a question and imagined answer for each guest – they can either draw it, create it digitally, or even use photographs. Download the template (PDF, 20KB) and use the lesson plan (PDF, 578KB) for full details of how to complete the competition as a classroom task.
  4. Fill out an online entry form for each group of students.
  5. If the entry includes photographs of your students, ask their parents to complete a Parental Consent Form (PDF, 82KB).
  6. All entries must be received by 31st March 2021.

Quick Links

Terms and Conditions (PDF, 154KB)

Judging Criteria (PDF, 76KB)

Parental Consent Form (PDF, 82KB)

Questions? Email

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Try out the competition as a classroom activity!

Complete the task in class with your students. Click here to download a lesson plan and a sample lesson from Project Explore Level 4 to engage your students with the competition in class.

Download the lesson plan (PDF, 578KB)

Download your Project Explore sample unit (PDF, 15MB)

Sample pages(PDF, 15MB)

Find out more about Project Based Learning

What is Project Based Learning? What does it mean for classroom learning? And how can you implement it?

Download our paper to find out.

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Download your free certificate

Give your students a certificate (PDF, 208KB) to celebrate their entry!

Taking Part Certificate(PDF, 208KB)

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