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The Time Machine

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The Time Machine (A2/B1)

H.G. Wells. Text adaptation by Alex Raynham

The year is 1895, and the place is the London home of a famous scientist. Here he shows his friends a strange machine – a time machine! He has built this, he tells them, to travel into the future, and into the past. He will be a time traveller! His friends don’t know what to think. Time travel is not possible, is it? But he leaves them, and his machine takes him to a troubling future – the land of the Eloi, where terrible creatures live below ground. He must soon fight for his life – and the life of his new friend Weena.

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I didn’t sleep that night − I sat between the rocks and watched the wood below. Sometimes I heard the sound of something moving, but I think that it was only the wind in the trees. When I looked up at the sky, the stars looked different to the stars in our time, and the moon was smaller, too. ‘I’ve come a long way through time to this terrible world,’ I thought.

When I was building my time machine, I had many hopes for the future. I thought that it would be a better place than England in 1895. I imagined a world of very clever people, beautiful cities, and wonderful new machines.

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Journey to the West

Journey to the West (Level 1 – A1/A2)

‘Tripitaka, can you go to the west for me – and for Buddha?’ When the holy woman Guanyin asks the young Chinese monk Tripitaka to bring some holy writings back from India, he says ‘yes’. But how can he travel across rivers, and fight terrible monsters and demons, on his long journey? He needs three strong helpers – Monkey, Pigsy, and Sandy – to do that! But where do they come from? Do they always help? And can they bring the holy writings home again? Read this old Chinese story, and find out.

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War Horse

War Horse (Level 2 – A2/B1)

‘We’ll be friends, you and I. I’ll call you Joey,’ Albert said. ‘I’ll look after you. We’ll always be friends, I promise.’ Albert Narracott, a farmer’s boy, makes this promise to his horse, Joey, in Devon, England. But this is before the First World War, and before Joey leaves for France to become a war horse. What happens to Joey in the British army? What will the Germans and the French do to him when they find him? And how will Albert find Joey again?

For those who want to read something a little harder.


Revolution (Level 3 – B1)

‘All men are created equal…’ When Thomas Jefferson wrote these words in June 1776, in the American Declaration of Independence, he started something that was very much bigger than he imagined. This book looks at the history around that Declaration, and at the Revolution that led to the birth of the United States of America.

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