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Sara Dixon, Teen Detective (A2/B1)

Lesley Thompson

A girl from her school is dead, her boyfriend Luke is being strange, and her friend Carlie is keeping secrets.

Sara is a top student at school, but she's going to have to break a few rules to solve this mystery.

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Luke smiled. Good food and friends were just what he needed.

He called Sara.

‘Hey, it’s me. Thanks for buying the food. I’d love to see you all tonight. What time shall I come? About seven o’clock? Fine. Can I bring anything? OK, I’ll see you later.’

At 7.30, Luke was resting on the sofa at Sara’s house. She was in the kitchen with her father. They were making supper together. Both of them enjoyed cooking and now they had the chance to talk, too.

Soon the sledges were stronger than before. The skis were better and faster, too.

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Sherlock Holmes: The Top Secret Plans  cover

Sherlock Holmes: The Top Secret Plans (Level 1 - A1/A2)

‘This telegram is from my brother Mycroft,’ said Holmes. ‘He wants to speak to me at once about Mr Arthur Cadogan. Do you know this man, Watson?’ ‘I saw something about him in today’s newspaper,’ I answered. When a young man dies on a London Underground line, top-secret plans for a new British submarine go missing. But who is Cadogan’s killer, why did he die, and where are the missing papers? Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson must quickly help Mycroft to answer these important questions.

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Jemma's Jungle Adventure  cover

Jemma's Jungle Adventure (Level 2 – A2/B1)

Jemma is very excited when she joins an expedition to the island of Kamora. She hopes to learn about doing scientific research, and to find a very rare bird of paradise. She is happy to meet the famous Dr Malone and the wise Dr Al Barwani, and to help to research birds, snakes, and insects. But things start to go wrong. Someone has a terrible secret, and there is danger for Jemma – and for the bird. Who has a secret plan, and what is it? What will happen to the bird? And what will happen to Jemma?

For those who want to read something a little harder.

The Secret Agent cover

The Secret Agent (Level 3 – B1)

Adolf Verloc is a double agent, working for both the British police and a foreign country. He pretends to live a normal life with his wife, Winnie, and has a shop in London, which, at night, becomes a meeting place for anarchists. One day Verloc is told to plant a bomb – but the plan goes terribly wrong… Does Verloc really love Winnie, or is she just part of his cover? Can Winnie ever forgive him? Who is Verloc really working for?

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How To Turn Reading Into A Habit

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