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It’s a fact: teaching adults isn’t the same as teaching children. The learning process is different, and adults usually attend classes for a specific reason, whether that’s to launch a new career, prepare for university, improve their effectiveness in the workplace, or simply get ready for a holiday!

Teaching adults can be extremely rewarding: their richly varied experience can fuel lively class debates, and by helping them to improve, pass exams or boost their IELTS scores, you can transform your students’ lives and career prospects. But that doesn’t mean to say it’s easy! Adults may arrive with strong opinions about the way they want to learn, and perhaps they are scheduling their lessons around busy careers or childcare commitments, with little spare time to fit in homework.


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With all this in mind, how can EFL teachers deliver inspiring, motivating lessons to get over eighteens talking? On these pages, you will find more information about out monthly Teaching Adults e-newsletter, which is full of resources, tips, competitions and news to make your ESL lessons even better. You’ll also find links to the latest blog articles and video material aimed specifically at teachers of adults.

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