Wide Angle Photography Contest

For this contest we invited you to share something familiar to you: a place, an object, person or moment and show us a different angle and the story behind it.
We are delighted to present our winner and runners-up,as chosen by our judging panel, and the winner of the People’s vote, chosen by you! Thank you to everyone who entered and voted in this competition, and congratulations to the winners!

winner photo

Winner - Mehtap Özer Isović

The Bosnian summer rain has finally stopped and the ground is wafting inspiration around. Ferida, my four-year-old bagel of joy, has just become a super heroine with the first rays of the morning sun.
Ferida has a language delay that makes her face humiliation at times. One night, during a bedtime story, I introduced her to the world of hand shadows. Since then, she has taken every opportunity to tell stories by throwing shadows. She pretends she is Princess Elsa one day and a grizzly bear another day.
Ferida is standing between a brick wall and the sunlight which has turned her into an invincible super heroine in the photograph. I grabbed my mobile phone and captured this magical moment from behind. It is such a unique shadow scene by Ferida about a strong and brave girl who is ready to overcome any challenge in her life.

Meet the winner (Mehtap) and the star (Ferida) of the Wide Angle Photography Contest.

Runner-up - Dalia Girones Hereu

While tramping the streets of Zanzibar (Tanzania), I came across a crowded restaurant. Among the foodies entering the building, I noticed a skinny white cat partly blocking the doorway. His bravery was astonishing. Fortunately, my camera had the wide angle lens on, so, as I came in, I snapped a few pictures from ankle level and I hoped that my improvised perspective would include all the elements of this cat's giant hostile world. Had these humans passing by forgotten the importance of cats in a street infested by rats? Should this cat really have to struggle for some bread crumbs?


Runner-up - Samuel Ber Monserrat

"A great deal of strength went into each of these red bricks", is what my dad used to say, while pointing at his house. I never understood the power of his words until one day when I came across an old black and white photograph which showed a giant pile of bricks. I ran outside and tried to overlap the photo over the house in the background using a wide-angle lens. Thanks to this trick, I finally understood the scale of my dad's project. The effect was shocking! I felt proud of my dad's hard work as I saw the sudden evolution of our house in only one picture.


winner photo

Winner of the People’s Vote – Elvira Gimadieva

They say that life is only a reflection of what we allow ourselves to see, so when we go out, we usually look up and don't really pay attention to what's beneath us, so I decided to look down and found out what beautiful picture you can see from an after-rain puddle, it feels like a whole new world is out there while you are looking at it or, perhaps, a parallel universe. Depending on from which angle you look at it, you can see a lot of things: building reflections are what catch your attention at first, then you can see silhouettes of people who’ve just passed by you, you can see the lights reflecting and looking like stars, whole new world, the Puddle Universe. So you just look at it, take your camera and do your thing, capturing the Puddle Universe from all the angles.

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The People's Vote closed on the 29th November 2019.

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