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About the test

Oxford Placement Test for Young Learners

Place 7–12 year olds at the right level quickly and reliably. By offering the right mix of challenge and fun, the Oxford Placement Test for Young Learners provides a positive testing experience every time.

  • 100% online with a child-friendly sign in system.
  • Automatically marked with instant results so you can start teaching the same day.
  • Learning Management System makes it easy to set up tests and manage results.
  • Computer adaptive technology gives more precise results than traditional placement tests.
  • Results include a CEFR level (Pre-A1 to B1), a score out of 80, and the time taken.
  • Child-friendly report cards include results for each section, a score guide and information on learner abilities.

Ideal for home use

The Oxford Placement Test for Young Learners is ideal for testing students who are studying remotely. Clear guides for teachers and parents provide step-by-step support through every stage of taking the test.

Free trial for teachers

Try the test for yourself! Register now and we’ll add a free trial test to your account to use straight away. The free trial includes one test, as well as full access to the Learning Management System.

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What it tests

The Oxford Placement Test for Young Learners has two sections – Language Use and Listening.

Language Use tests students' knowledge of vocabulary, functions and grammar across 18 questions.

The Listening section tests listening for detail and gist, using short and extended listening activities across 12 questions. Both sections test British English.

Child friendly

  • Bright colours, friendly characters and motivating dialogues make the test experience enjoyable.
  • The central characters, Ace and Chirp, appear on every question to guide students through the test.
  • The task types are specifically designed to match the cognitive abilities of young learners and reflect tasks that they are used to in Primary courses.

How it works

The Oxford Placement Test for Young Learners is computer adaptive, which means that the test adjusts the difficulty of questions based on the student’s responses. This makes it more motivating and ensures that it gives a more precise measurement than traditional placement tests.

Answers are automatically marked after each task, giving you an instant result once the test is complete.

The top bar shows which part of the test the student is on, and questions left to take.
The navigation bar at the top shows the section, part and question that the student is on.

Setting up a test

The Learning Management System (LMS) makes it easy to set up tests. You can:

  • create different placement groups or classes
  • print sign in slips to give to students
  • specify a time or date range when the test must be taken
  • choose how long test takers have to complete the test (between 50-90 minutes) depending on their ability
  • get updates when test takers have completed their tests and see in real time which tests are in progress, have been submitted, or are yet to be started.
Set up tests in a few simple steps with the Learning Management System.
Set up tests in a few simple steps with the Learning Management System.

Students will need a computer with good internet access and headphones. For more details please see the System Requirements. If there is a break in internet connection during the test, the system will stop timing the test taker and continue when they sign in again to resume the test.