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Results you can trust

Report cards

Oxford Placement Test for Young Learners personalized report cards make it easy to share meaningful results with parents and learners.

They provide a standardized score, CEFR level and the time taken (for the test overall and for each section) as well as a ‘learner abilities’ section and a score guide. You can also co-brand them with your institutional logo.

See how they work

Continually validated

The Oxford Placement Test for Young Learners was developed to take the worry out of placing your students. Piloted on thousands of learners across the globe, the test is continually validated to ensure it delivers results you can trust. To find out more, see The Oxford Placement Test: What does it measure and how? (PDF, 1MB) by Professor James Purpura.

Each CEFR level has a child-friendly club name (as shown in the table below), so each child feels a sense of achievement on completing the test.

Scores and CEFR levels

CEFR levels

To find out more, see The Meaning of Oxford Placement Test Scores (PDF, 0.6MB) by Alistair Pollitt.

Managing results

User-friendly management tools make it easy to administer the test, and to manage the results.

  • See results for the whole test, and for each section. Results show CEFR level, a score out of 80 and the time taken.
  • Download the results in Microsoft Excel.
  • Download a club resource sheet for each student to colour in.
  • Customize the results page by adding your own columns to capture any extra information you need.