Read On!

Extensive Reading Project for Schools in Italy

Read On! promotes Language, Literacy, and Life Skills.


Extensive Reading is recognised as one of the best methods of stimulating effective language learning, not only for second language acquisition but also for consolidating skills in the mother tongue.

The teachers and trainers involved in the Read On! project are helping to create a new generation of independent, critical readers, at school and at home.

To date, more than 1,500 teachers and 45,000 students have benefitted from the Read On! methodology, and the project has attracted considerable interest within the Italian Ministry of Education and beyond.

To learn more about this innovative project, download Language, Literacy and Life Skills for the 21st Century: An Overview of the Read On! Project (PDF: 536 KB), or the Italian version, Sviluppare le competenze del 21° secolo (PDF: 228 KB)

For information about how to purchase your class library and join the Read On! project, contact your local Oxford educational consultant or download the flyer for:

Presentazione del progetto per il POF