Read On!

Extensive Reading Project for Schools in Italy

Getting Started

Read On! Training Handout

A print-friendly overview that covers all of the basics that teachers need to get started with Read On!

Read On! Handbook

Written by Nina Prentice, an invaluable resource for teachers participating in the project.

Bringing Extensive Reading into the Classroom

by Richard Day, Jennifer Bassett, Nina Prentice and other experts

Learn about the research into extensive reading and evidence of its success. Discover how to introduce extensive reading into your class, and the importance of using graded readers.

Student Questionnaire

Use to prepare students about to start the Read On! project.

Reading and You

Get you and your students thinking about reading.

Do you really want to learn English?

Introductory Activities to help students understand why they should Read On!

The Rights of the Reader

Rights of the reader by Daniel Pennac. illustrated by Quentin Blanke

Literacy Changes Lives

A compelling report on the benefits of literacy prepared by the National Literacy Trust.

"Read Early, Read Late, Read Often"

Recent article in the Washington Post courtesy of Prof.ssa Alessandra Canelli Five habits of great students: Lessons from top-ranked STEM school.