Read On!

Extensive Reading Project for Schools in Italy

Student Projects

Read On! students work together during and after class to prepare year end projects ranging from posters, essays and poetry to blogs, videos and multimedia presentations. Below you will find a few samples of what they came up with.

Is your class producing some wonderful work you'd like to share? Send it along to Christina Caughlan or speak with your Read On! teacher trainer contact.

Important notice: ALL Read On! digital responses must conform to the Copyright Rules for Digital Responses. Are you working on a videoclip? Download a useful glossary of Basic Filmmaking terms.

In the Spotlight

White Death and Call of the Wild, Final Class Projects kindly submitted by Class 2A of the Lower Secondary School "Angelini" in Pavia (2014/15), under the expert guidance of Prof.ssa Chiara Contini.

Read On! hits the streets! Class Projects submitted by Class 4a of ISPIA Bernocchi, Legnano (MI), under the creative supervision of Prof.ssa Alessandra Gallina.

The Symposium in Ancient Greek Sicily - submitted by Class 4E IPSSEOA "Karol Wojtyla" of Catania (AS 2014/15), under the leadership of Prof. Mario La Rosa.

Propaganda: The Idealization of a Tragedy, prepared by Class IIIB of Liceo Ginnasio Luigi Galvani, Bologna (A.S. 2014/15), with the support of Prof. Franco Pesaresi.

Readonaire! - A clever idea for a Read On! class project, submitted by Class IVC of the Liceo Linguistico ISIS "Carlo Levi" Sant'Arcangelo, PZ (A.S. 2014/15).

Why Read in the 21st Century? as explored by Class IVB, Liceo Romita of Campobasso (A.S. 2014/15) under the guidance of Professors Ascione and Cerio.

Here are a couple of projects just in from Liceo Scientifico Giovanni Keplero, Rome, under the guidance of Prof. Andrea Ridolfi.

Alice in Wonderland, as interpreted by Read On! Class 2B of Liceo Scientifico Cremona, Milan (A.S. 2014/15) under the guidance of Prof.ssa Rosanna Ghisoni.

The Bronte Story, as interpreted by Mariacaterina Lunardo and Giulia Paratore of the Liceo Michelangiolo in Florence, Italy, under the guidance of Prof. Laura Puccioni. Congratulations, all!

Download the Appreciation of Books chart developed by the eCLIL school IIS Bruno Franchetti Mestre. Great idea!

The Sport of Kings submitted by the Istituto Magistrale Gonzaga-Chieti.

With compliments and thanks to Prof. Donatella Chiaruttini and her Read On! class 2E (2012/13) at the Liceo Scientifico "G. Vailati" of Genzano di Roma.

During the recent Read On! Basilicata Awards Festivals held in Matera and Potenza, students had an opportunity to showcase the brilliant work they produced in response to Read On! Their projects included paintings and posters, theatre, song, videos and websites, culinary projects, models and puppets. British Ambassador Christopher Prentice (center) was on hand to admire their good work, and came away from the experience impressed and inspired.

See a selection of their work

Several Read On! classes submitted excellent work for the Read On! 2013 Competition.

See the winning video entries

To the right, an example submitted by Class 3I of SMS Esopo in Rome. Congratulations to the students for their hard work, and to their teacher, Prof.ssa Loredana Bellezza.

Read On and On! from Class 3A Triggiano - with thanks to teacher Mariella!