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Reading changes...

  • Read: a book that appeals to you from the extensive collection of readers from Oxford University Press.
  • Think: about what has changed after you have read the book?
  • Design: your project to reflect "the change".


Dear Teachers,

For the 7th year in a row, teachers all over Turkey will be using Oxford Big Read to motivate students of all ages to improve their reading skills in English.

Please join us in celebrating a love of reading, creativity, and imagination in this year’s Oxford Big Read Competition.

Step 1: Select & Order

Select your books among hundreds of Oxford Graded Readers that are included in the competition. 

Click for Oxford Graded Readers Catalogue 2017

The catalogue will be available for download here soon

Order your books from the authorized Oxford University Press distributors. 

Find Your OUP Distributor

Step 2: Read & Design

Students read the books and design great projects according to their grade category. Don't forget that each grade category prepares a different project.

Check Out Previous Winning Projects

Also, in this step you need to select the five best projects from your class. Click on the link below for your guide to ...

Grade Categories and Projects

Step 3: Register & Generate Codes

Register online with the Teacher's Code you received from your distributor.

Register Now!

Create Student Codes and be sure to write this code on your students' Project Forms. The system will generate 5 codes for each class you are entering with.

Create Student Codes

Step 4: Submit & Send

Enter your students into our online system. Write the student names and their class in the righthand row. Don't forget in each class you will be entering only the five best projects. 

Students Submission

You can give the project forms you have entered to an Oxford University Press representative or send them directly to our central office in Istanbul. 

Istanbul Office Address

Categories and Projects


Grades 1 and 2:
A Love of Reading Poster

Create a Love of Reading poster. Include a word and a picture from the book for each letter of the phrase. Draw a picture and write the word for each.
The words can be characters, events, objects, etc. 


Grades 3 and 4:
Photo Album

Make a photo album for the book you read. Each picture must have a description of a scene from the book. You may draw the pictures, use pictures from newpapers and magazines or even take actual pictures that are related to the scenes in the book!


Grades 5 and 6:
Book Jacket

Design a book jacket for the book you read. You should have a title, author, illustration, synopsis of the book (in your own words), information about the author, and anything else important about the book. Look at a real book jacket for ideas.


Grades 7 and 8:
Movie Poster

Pretend that your book is being made into a movie. Create a movie poster for your book. Who will play the characters in the book? Write the names of the actors and the director on the poster along with the title of the book, a catchy slogan, illustrations, and movie critics' reviews. Look at real movie posters on the Internet to get ideas.


Grade 9:
Comic Strips

Create a comic strip of a scene from the book with 9 sections and some dialogue (spoken parts). 
For non-fiction books, instead of dialogues, you may write short summaries of specific parts you think are important for each section of the comic strip.


Grades 10, 11 and 12:

Where does the story in your book take place? How would newspapers look in this place? Create a newspaper from this place and include articles based on events that occur in the novel, the weather of the town where the story is set, games (word search, crossword puzzle), or anything else you feel is important.


Each round is a separate competition. You can enter both of them if you wish. 

Round 1

1st Round Starts
Dec 1, 2017
1st Round Deadline for Sending in Projects
Jan 19, 2018
1st Round Regional Finalists Announcement
Feb 23, 2018
1st Round National Winners Announcement
Mar 2, 2018

Round 2

2nd Round Starts
Feb 12, 2018
2nd Round Deadline for Sending in Projects
Mar 30, 2018
2nd Round Regional Finalists Announcement
Apr 27, 2018
2nd Round National Winners Announcement
May 04, 2018

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