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1. Who will enter the competition?

Primary and secondary schools all around Turkey can attend the competition. Attendance is going to happen as a class. Individual attendance is not allowed.

2. How can I enter the competition?

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully. You can purchase the books from our authorized distributors. At the time of purchase our distributors will give you a registration code. Please click to access registration form.

3. How can I purchase the books?

You can purchase the books from our authorized distributor which is responsible for the area that your school is registered. In order to access the contact details of our dsitributors please visit Buy From page.

4. How can I register to the site?

You can register our website with the code that our distributor gives you while you purchase the books.

Please click to access registration form.

5. How can I create students submission codes?

After you have registered login to the system for generating students submission codes. Go to Kategori İşlemleri page. Put the right amount of classes to the relevant category boxes. Then click "Sınıfları Kaydet" button. After this action click "Öğrenci Kodlarını Üret" button.

6. How can I submit my students?

You can register your students with the submission codes. Students Name, Class information is enough. Ensure that the submission code that you write on the project forms and the codes in the system are the same.

Please click to submit your students.

7. To whom I should contact for the issues that I faced with during registration?

You can send email to iletisim@bigread.oxford.com.tr for any issues you have faced with.

8. What does 'round' mean?

Rounds are separate competetions. You can send your submissions for both of them. 1st Round will be between December 1st and January 19th. 2nd Round will be between February 12th and March 30th. Evaluation will take place differently for each round. Each will have different finalists and winners.

9. Which dimensions should the project forms be?

Project forms should be A3 or A4 size. We recommend A3 since there will be more space for the project. However, if you can't print on A3, A4 size will be acceptable.