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Categories & Projects

Teacher's Check-list

Dear Teachers,

For the 8th year in a row, teachers all over Turkey will be using Oxford Big Read to motivate students of all ages to improve their reading skills in English.
Please join us in celebrating a love of reading, creativity, and imagination in this year’s Oxford Big Read Competition.

Here is a handy check-list to help you on the way.

Step 1: Select & Order

 Students have picked their books. If not, see the Oxford Big Read Catalogue 

 The books have been ordered from the authorized Oxford University Press distributors. If not, contact Your OUP Distributor

Step 2: Read & Design

 Project Forms have been downloaded and given to the students according to their categories. If not, go to Categories and Projects 

 The students have read the books and designed their projects according to their grade category. If not, Check Out Previous Winning Projects to inspire them.

 The five best projects from the class have been selected. If not, click on the link for your guide to Grade Categories and Projects

Step 3: Register & Generate Codes

 The Teacher Code has been received from your distributor. If not, contact Your OUP Distributor 

 Online registration has been completed. If not, register now!

 Student Codes have been created and written on the students' Project Forms. If not, click here to create Student Codes

Step 4: Submit & Send

 Student name and class for the five best projects from the class have been submitted online. If not, complete Students Submission here.

 The Project Forms have been given to the Oxford University Press representative/sent to Oxford University Press central office in Istanbul. If not, here is the Istanbul Office Address