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Terms and Conditions


Round 1

1st Round Starts
 Dec 1, 2016  
1st Round Deadline for Sending Projects (Extended)
 Jan 18, 2017  
1st Round Regional Finalists Announcement
 Feb 17, 2017  
1st Round National Winners Announcement
 Feb 24, 2017  

Round 2

2nd Round Starts
 Feb 13, 2017  
2nd Round Deadline for Sending Projects
 Mar 31, 2017  
2nd Round Regional Finalists Announcement
 Apr 21, 2017  
2nd Round National Winners Announcement
 Apr 28, 2017  

Terms and Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions apply to “Oxford Big Read” competition, 2016-17. By entering this competition the entrant (that is, a teacher or student) will be deemed to have read and understood these terms and conditions and be bound by them.
  2. This competition is organized by Oxford Yayincilik Limited, Sirketi, Neset Omer Sokak 4/3, 34710 Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey (“OUP”).


  1. This competition is open only to primary, secondary and high school students in Turkey and they shall participate in the competition in the relevant category.
  2. For participants under the age of 18, parental/guardian consent must be confirmed by their English teacher.
  3. In order to enter the competition, the student’s class needs to purchase 90 books from amongst those included in the competition between 1st November 2016 and 13 January 2017 (first round of the competition) and 31st March 2017 (second round). The included titles are:
    1. Oxford Graded Readers:
      1. Classic Tales,
      2. Dolphins,
      3. Oxford Read and Discover,
      4. Oxford Read and Imagine,
      5. Dominoes,
      6. Oxford Bookworms
    2. Non-ELT Readers:
      1. Project X.
  4. The books must be purchased from authorized distributors of OUP in Turkey. A list of authorized distributors is published on the competition website.
  5. The competition is open to any student who meets the eligibility criteria and submits an entry as described in the terms above. Those not eligible to compete are employees of OUP and their dependents, the judging committee members and their dependents, or anyone connected to the products being given away as prizes. Teachers may only participate with their students and not with their dependents.
  6. There may be more than one entry per student. In case of being the finalist in the same round, they will receive only one prize.


  1. Teachers must be registered on www.bigread.oxford.com.tr, after the purchase of the books.
  2. In order to register you are required to enter registration codes which the OUP authorized distributor will give you according to your purchase.
  3. A teacher will register only once for both rounds and for all categories. During registration, the teacher should specify the categories that he/she wants to join.
  4. Please record all of the required information correctly, as the information submitted during registration will be used to administer final awards and certifications.
  5. The information the teacher provides during registration will not be shared with 3rdparties. OUP may contact the teacher based on this information. The teacher will be deemed to have given this permission when he/she fills in the registration form.
  6. Registrations should be done by the participant teacher personally. Please do not ask for any OUP personnel to do it for you.

Projects and Submitting

  1. Each category has a different set of criteria. Preparation of an entry outside the written criteria of the category will not be accepted. Categories and detailed information about the entries can be found on the website.
  2. A separate set of review code for each category group must be created and this code are to be put on the appropriate project form.
  3. Each entry has an ID box. The information written in these fields is assumed correct and will be processed accordingly.
  4. In this box the student is required to provide the following information:
    1. Review code
    2. Name
    3. Teacher’s name
    4. School name
  5. From each classroom there shall be no more than 5 submissions. The teacher should assess the potential entries and select the 5 best for submission to OUP. In case of having received more than 5 submissions per classroom, OUP will randomly pick 5 of the submitted projects and disqualify the others.
  6. The projects should be either sent to the following address, Oxford Yayincilik Limited, Sirketi, Neset Omer Sokak 4/3, 34710 Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey, or delivered to the OUP representative.

Use of entries and personal data by OUP

  1. The entrants warrant and represent that their entries will not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party; nor will their entries include any material that is obscene, offensive or defamatory.
  2. The projects that are submitted will be kept by OUP for 5 years. After 5 years they will be destroyed. The projects will NOT returned back to the applicant. Please make sure you have a copy of it for yourself.
  3. You grant OUP the right to (and the right to grant to other parties the right to) use, publish, show, copy, edit submitted entries in various forms of print and digital media including www.bigread.oxford.com.tr and www.oup.com for any purpose whatsoever.
  4. The entrants consent to the use by OUP of the names of participating students and schools in various forms of print and digital media including www.bigread.oxford.com.tr and www.oup.com for the purposes of announcing finalists/winners.

Assessment Process

  1. There are 2 rounds in the competition. These 2 rounds are regarded as different competitions.
    1. 1st Round: 1st December – 13th January
    2. 2nd round:  February – 31st March
  2. There are 6 regions:
    1. North Marmara Region,
    2. South Marmara Region,
    3. Aegean and Mediterranean Region,
    4. Central Anatolia Region,
    5. South and Southeast Anatolia Region,
    6. Blacksea Region.
  3. There are 6 categories:
    1. Grades 1 and 2,
    2. Grades 3 and 4,
    3. Grades 5 and 6,
    4. Grades 7 and 8,
    5. Grade 9,
    6. Grades 10, 11 and 12.
  4. Regional competition assessment: Each category is to be assessed on its own; each region will be assessed on its own during the regional competition. From each region and each category 10 finalists will be determined. Therefore, 360 finalists are to be determined for each round. Results are to be announced 3 to 4 weeks after the competition.
  5. National competition assessment: Each category is to be assessed on its own during the national competition. From each category there will be a winner and a runner-up (chosen from the finalists in the regional competition assessment). Therefore there will be six winners and six runners-up in each of the two rounds.


  1. A separate set of review codes are provided for each region, round and category group, these codes are to be the placed in the appropriate ID box. In any case where the code is incorrect or incomplete the entry will be disqualified.
  2. Each project has relevant criteria listed on the entry forms and listed on the website. The entries that do not meet the criteria will be disqualified.
  3.  In case of having received more than 5 submissions per classroom, OUP will randomly pick 5 of the submitted projects and disqualify the others.


  1. The students responsible for the winning entry (in each of the six categories) shall receive: iPad Mini with 50 TL iTunes voucher and a winner medal and certificate.
  2. The students responsible for the second placed entries in Grades 1 and 2, Grades 3 and 4 categories, shall receive: Home Library of 10 Books, Oxford Children's Visual Dictionary English-Turkish, runner-up medal and certificate.
  3. The students responsible for the second placed entries in Grades 5 and 6, Grades 7 and 8, Grade 9, Grades 10-11-12 categories, shall receive: Oxford Readers Collection, Oxford Vocabulary App, runner-up medal and certificate.
  4. The 360 finalist students (from the regional competition) shall receive: a medal and a finalist certificate.
  5. The teachers of the winning students will be awarded an OTA Online Course and OALD Premium Content Online.
  6. The teachers of the runner-up students will be awarded Professional Development Pack and OALD Premium Content Online.
  7. The teachers of the 360 finalist students shall receive a copy of Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary 9th Edition.
  8. OUP may give pdf files of Participation Certificate to the teachers for delivering the certificates to the participant students, on their demand.

Delivery of the Prizes

  1. OUP will aim to deliver the prizes through the OUP representatives during the month following the announcement but there may be delays due to the conditions in the relevant time frame. The winners will be notified and invited to accept the offered prize within 14 days of being contacted via their email addresses. If a notified winner does not respond within 14 days of notification, another winner will be selected from the remaining entries and contacted as previously stated. Once a subsequent winner has been selected, the previous winner is no longer entitled to the prize. In the unlikely event that no (or insufficient) entries are received before the closing date, the prize will not be awarded.
  2. The names on the certificates and the prizes will be generated from the registration information that the teacher obtained. OUP is not liable for erroneous information.
  3. If a specific date for the delivery of the prizes is desired, OUP should be informed at least 10 days in advance. Otherwise, it will not be possible to complete the preparations for the desired delivery date.
  4. Prizes are not transferable to another person. Differences caused by typographic errors that occur during registration may be accepted in the sole discretion of OUP.


  1. The competition will take place between the dates of December 1 2016-31 March 2017. 
  2. Deadline for the submissions for 1st round: 13th January 2017. The entries later than this date will not be accepted.
  3. Deadline for the submissions for 2nd round: 31st March 2017. The entries later than this date will not be accepted.
  4. Review codes are created for each round separately. 1st round codes will not be accepted in 2nd round. An entry made in the 1st round may not be resubmitted in the second round.
  5. Registrations will be open during the competition period. Late registrants may have trouble with submission. In this case, there will not be any extensions. You can follow the deadlines from the competition calendar.


  1. OUP may withdraw or cancel the competition for any reason and at any time and may change the prize to a prize of a similar value. There is no cash alternative.
  2. OUP reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice. Any changes will be posted at www.bigread.oxford.com.tr.
  3. These terms and conditions shall be governed by Turkish law.