Elements of Success
Grammar for Language Learning

Grammar is an essential element of learning a language. Yet it can be hard to learn and difficult to remember. Over 1,000 teachers told us about the biggest grammar challenges for English language learners. Their feedback led us to create Elements of Success. It is a new ESL grammar series that solves grammar teaching challenges clearly, simply, and completely.

TESOL Professional Development Webinars

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Oxford University Press and TESOL have teamed up to deliver a series of webinars about grammar challenges and solutions in the ESL classroom. Please click on the links below to view our past presentations on TESOL's website.

Grammar Results

Over 800 teachers were given the opportunity to pilot a unit of Elements of Success in their classroom(s) last year. Afterwards, we asked these teachers their thoughts on how Elements compared to their current book in use.

Result #1

Teachers felt that the grammar in Elements was at an appropriate language level for their class

88% of teachers stated that the language level of the Elements unit they piloted with their class was appropriate for their students.

Result #2

Teachers stated their students understood grammar points better when using Elements

70% of teachers stated that the learning resources (like grammar charts and grammar points) in the Elements unit they piloted in their classroom were effective.

Result #3

Teachers said Elements got their students more engaged with grammar & more motivated to learn

69% of teachers stated that they felt their students found the Elements unit they piloted more engaging and motivating than their current textbook in use.

What Teachers are Saying about Elements

“Up to date, in depth explanations and rules focused on (corpus) usage of language.”

— College of Marin Intensive English Program

“[Elements] is engaging and [has] a direct link to writing.”

— Hudson Country Community College

Elements is like Azar meets Folse's Great Writing.”

— Missouri State University

“Well-suited for our students with engaging prompts and activites that help the students retained what they've learned.”

— Los Angeles Public Library

Pilot a unit of Elements

Use Elements’ clear grammar charts, effective grammar practice, and engaging content with your English language students.

Elements’ flexible units are easy to integrate into your syllabus or use in place of your current grammar textbook.

Free sample units are available to download and print via the video to the right.

Grammar Challenges and Solutions

When asked about their biggest challenge while teaching grammar, instructors responded with the following four challenges. This feedback led us to create Elements of Success: Grammar for Language Learning, a course that solves your teaching challenged by presenting grammar clearly, simply, and completely. Your students will remember what they have learned. And, you don’t have to spend time re-teaching the same grammar points.

Challenge #1

Lack of student preparation or retention


Solution #1

The Best Practice for Better Retention

Grammar activities are easily expandable, so that you can structure practice to fit your classroom needs. Extensive grammar practice leads to long-term retention and use of grammar.

Challenge #2

Grammar is hard for students


Solution #2

Clear Charts

Level-appropriate charts explain grammar in a clear and highly visual way, so that students can readily understand the grammar points. Charts are based on authentic language, so student learn grammar as it is actually used.

Challenge #3

Inadequate classroom materials


Solution #3

Effective Learning Resources

Online practice and an easy-to-use learning management system support learning. Digital presentation tools improve class instruction. Quality tests in a variety of print and digital formats fulfill assessment needs.

Challenge #4

Lack of student motivation


Solution #4

Engaging, Relevant Content

Personalized, communicative grammar activities capture students’ interest.

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