Solutions Competition - Winning Pages

Use these pages as an excellent source of ideas for your lessons and to inspire your students to make their own.

Competition winner

Competition winner
Students from Seconary school, Barajevo.
Teacher: Anja Prentić.
Bash Tchelik and other Serbian fairy tales (PDF: 1 MB)

Runner up 1

Runner up 1
Students from Secondary school, Lapovo.
Teacher: Tijana Stojanović
Serbian culture
(PDF: 400 KB)

Runner up 2

Runner up 2
Students from Medical school „Sestre Ninković“ Kragujevac.
Teacher: Branka Dečković
Music Festivals (PDF: 380 KB)
Music Festivals (WAV: 9.47 MB)

Two more interesting culture pages

Gucha - Students from Secondary school “Ljubo Mićić”, Požega
Easter in Serbia - Students from School centre, Vršac