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A S Hornby wrote the first OALD. Find out about The Man Who Made Dictionaries.

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'Students can easily find and understand the meaning of a word and aren't afraid of actually using a dictionary'

Celina Beatríz Beccaria, Teacher, Argentina

The Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary has sold over 35 million copies. It is the world's best-selling advanced learner's dictionary.

Now there are 8 new reasons to choose Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 8th edition.

  1. Oxford iWriter on CD-ROM
  2. Interactive whiteboard-friendly CD-ROM
  3. 32-page Oxford Writing Tutor
  4. 1000 NEW words and meanings
  5. 64-page colour Visual Vocabulary Builder
  6. Oxford 3000™plus
  7. Topic Collocation boxes
  8. Academic Word List


Oxford iWriter on CD-ROM - an interactive tutor to plan, write and review different types of essays and presentations.

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» Joanna Turnbull, OALD 8 Managing Editor, talks about Oxford iWriter


Interactive whiteboard-friendly CD-ROM now with My Topics, Topic Vocabulary Banks, integrated Thesaurus, new activities and downloadable resources.

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32-page Oxford Writing Tutor with tips and guidance on tackling different types of writing

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64-page colour Visual Vocabulary Builder with new illustrations, new photos, and new topics

» Suzanne Webb, OALD 8 editor, explains how the Visual Vocabulary Builder helps advanced level learners
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Oxford 3000™plus shows students the most important words to know and their most important meanings

» Patrick Phillips, OALD editor, explains Oxford 3000™plus and how it expands learners' vocabulary
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Topic Collocation boxes show the words that work together in the context of everyday and exam topics

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Academic Word List marked

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