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A S Hornby wrote the first OALD. Find out about The Man Who Made Dictionaries.

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Teachers and students tell us that using the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary has an extraordinary effect on their English language skills - we call it the ‘Oxford effect’. Here are some of their stories.

'When you learn a new language you are a bit scared and get confused very easily if word usage is not clear. OALD explains words in a very simple way and helps me learn quickly.'

Muhammad Zahid, Sultanate of Oman

'It has helped me improve my vocabulary and therefore my fluency. I prefer the OALD to any dictionary because it provides a lot of examples of use. … I have become a teacher.'

Tatiana Amazonas Bohme, Brazil

'I learned how to stress a particular word and noticed the difference between American and British spelling and pronunciation. I now spell correctly.'

Ozordi Chidinma, Nigeria

'OALD really changed my attitude towards using a dictionary. With all its features, especially the sample sentence given for each word and meaning, it made it easy for me to learn the words.'

Aira C. Pereira, Malaysia

'OALD has helped me a lot whenever I face any problem regarding meaning or usage of words. It is really simple and easy to use.'

Vishal Kumar, India

'[OALD] helps me write everyday emails to business partners.'

Mile Milakovic, Serbia

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