File 1: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. This is Cindy Lau. a student in my karate class.
  2. "Alice and Pierre are in Lisbon." " on vacation?"
  3. "What’s phone number?" "It’s 845-555-0247."
  4. She’s a student. name is Anna.
  5. Go to page , please.
  6. Hi, Milos. early!
  7. Miguel and José students at Washington University.
  8. Look at question 3, please. and repeat.
  9. Tony is from Sydney. It’s a city in .
  10. Toronto in the US. It’s in Canada.
  11. " British?" "No, they’re American."
  12. Good evening. I have a for three nights. My name is Parker.
  13. "Happy birthday, Sam! How old ?" "I’m eight."
  14. New York City is famous for tall buildings.
  15. "What's 7 + 10?" "That's easy. It's ."
  16. Nissan cars Chinese. They’re Japanese!
  17. Angelo and I are from California. students.
  18. Please stop talking and turn your cell phones.
  19. "Hi, Doug, how are you?" " , thanks."
  20. Here’s an email from Masako. She’s on vacation in .
  21. Good evening, ma'am. a cup of coffee?
  22. "What day is it ?" "It’s Thursday."
  23. Excuse me, in room 218 or 812?
  24. "My address is 56 Hudson Road." "Sorry, is that -six?"
  25. Ronaldo is from Brazil, in America.
  26. I don’t understand the exercise. Can you me, please?
  27. Ms. Wong, what’s your email address and your phone ?
  28. Please read the question and the correct answer.
  29. It’s ! It’s the weekend – no school and no work.
  30. Hello class. your books, please.