File 3: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. My sister a lot of fast food.
  2. you and your wife speak another language?
  3. Mark’s . He plays the violin and the piano.
  4. " do you do your homework?" "In the evening."
  5. I tea, but I like coffee.
  6. " of coffee does she like?" "Cappuccino!"
  7. you listen to the radio every day?
  8. My friend Tariq dinner for us on the weekend. He’s a great cook!
  9. About 12 million people in the US are : they don’t have jobs.
  10. " ?" "Chocolate!"
  11. Claudine is a : she works in a school.
  12. Your friend Carla’s very tall and beautiful. What she do – is she a model?
  13. Ali studies biology school.
  14. " is your favorite actor?" "James Franco."
  15. Mario to the coffee shop near his house every Saturday with his friends.
  16. Fehim is a . He works in a hospital in Istanbul.
  17. " Anna live in Chicago?" "Yes, at 343 Dearborn Street."
  18. "What kind of movies ?" "Horror movies are my favorite."
  19. " your favorite singer?"
  20. "A double espresso, please." "To have here or to ?"
  21. A policeman a stressful but interesting job.
  22. " a good movie?" "Yes, it’s really good."
  23. " Orla happy?" "She has a new job."
  24. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is .
  25. I’m a journalist and I work an American newspaper – The New York Times.
  26. an espresso?
  27. My father glasses when he drives.
  28. I’m , and my husband’s retired.
  29. watch about two hours of TV every day.
  30. "Where on vacation every year?" "Thailand – he says it’s beautiful!"