File 5: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. "What's the weather like in Mumbai?" "It's really – it's 94 °F."
  2. Tomoko works in a bank, but she isn't happy. for a new job.
  3. Eduard, please don't that loud music. Use your headphones!
  4. " use my cell phone here?" "No, I'm sorry."
  5. My neighbor his girlfriend flowers every month.
  6. Sven on the London Eye now, and he can see Tower Bridge!
  7. It's . Take your umbrella.
  8. History at college?
  9. I this magazine. Where are my glasses?
  10. The baby a lot.
  11. Excuse me, where are the ? I want to try this shirt on.
  12. Let's for coffee this afternoon. Is 4:00 p.m. OK?
  13. "What ?" "She's an engineer."
  14. I always a lot of photos on my phone when I'm on vacation.
  15. You use your dictionary during the exam.
  16. "Who is that tall man with dark hair?" "I can't his name."
  17. Liz the guitar, the piano, and the violin.
  18. " her dinner?" "No, she isn't hungry."
  19. My cousin play basketball very well.
  20. Our neighbor's dogs always at night.
  21. It's . Where's my sweater?
  22. to the gym every day.
  23. I can't sleep! The neighbor's baby .
  24. "What is this sweater?" "It's a medium."
  25. Tomas, please your sister with her homework!
  26. "How often to English classes?" "Three times a week."
  27. Carlos isn't here. Paul for lunch.
  28. Anita can't talk now – a shower.
  29. "Can you speak Chinese?" "No, ."
  30. It's late and the neighbors a party. I'm tired!