File 6: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. is a holiday in a lot of countries.
  2. " you at work?" "No, I'm sitting in a coffee shop."
  3. Frederic Chopin is a famous music composer from Poland.
  4. Call when your bus arrives. We can meet you at the station.
  5. " in malls?" "No, I like the small stores in my town."
  6. Katherine like baseball. She thinks it's boring.
  7. Ted hates for buses.
  8. "Do you like musicals?" "Yes, I love .
  9. "Hi, is Dan ?" "No, I'm sorry, he isn't. Can I help you?"
  10. My grandfather at night. He can't see very well.
  11. I music onto my MP3 player every week.
  12. "Why you doing your homework?" "Because I don't have homework today – it's the weekend!"
  13. July, the weather is usually very warm in the US.
  14. I doing the housework. It's awful!
  15. Louis Armstrong is famous for music.
  16. Pedro drink coffee. He likes drinking tea.
  17. If Anna gets to work early, we can ask to meet for coffee this morning.
  18. Can you the phone, please?
  19. "What's your favorite ?" "June - it's usually sunny, but not too hot."
  20. Dara loves law.
  21. Rita's sister lives in Tokyo. Rita calls every day.
  22. My birthday is on November .
  23. I'm listening to the new Beyoncé song on my MP3 player, and I love .
  24. If you can't understand the song , you can read them on the Internet.
  25. "I'm sorry, Mr. Sakamoto isn't here." "Can you give him a ?"
  26. " Hannah cooking dinner?" "Yes, she's making pasta."
  27. The Beatles are a very famous band from Liverpool.
  28. My boss sometimes sends emails at 11:00 p.m.!
  29. The meeting is on Tuesday, January .
  30. " cell phones very expensive?"