File 7: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. James Cameron, the director of Avatar and Titanic , born in 1954.
  2. Where that beautiful leather jacket? I want one too.
  3. My brother is a .
  4. I went to New York on business .
  5. Fiona short hair in 2009, but now it's long. She looks very different.
  6. Marni tennis with us on Sunday because she was very busy.
  7. He started work .
  8. "Why Chiara and Tina at school yesterday?" "I don't know. Let's ask."
  9. Pablo Picasso is a famous Spanish . I love the museum with his work in Paris.
  10. that program about elephants on TV last night? It was on the Discovery Channel.
  11. Let's have at the new French restaurant tonight.
  12. I really sick yesterday, but I'm OK today.
  13. you last night at 9:00?
  14. Excuse me. the way to the museum, please?
  15. you very tired after the exam yesterday?
  16. "Would you like to come over for lunch on Saturday?" "Thanks, that's really of you."
  17. My mother Spanish at school, but she can't speak it now.
  18. We on vacation last week.
  19. Katie is really sad because she her new iPad yesterday.
  20. We went on the weekend.
  21. "What at that new Japanese restaurant?" "Sushi, of course!"
  22. I didn't go out .
  23. What time ?
  24. "Was Bush the President of the US before Obama?" "Yes, ."
  25. The children for a walk in the park after school.
  26. Marie Curie was a famous Polish . She discovered Polonium.
  27. Toni and Sara were in Paris at the same time, but they .
  28. We to Miami Beach for our vacation last year.
  29. I finish the Physics homework yesterday. Can you help me with it?
  30. "When did the first McDonald's restaurant open?" " in 1940."