File 8: Progress Check

Choose the correct answer.

  1. I to China last month on business.
  2. Diana says she a ghost last night – after watching a horror film!
  3. There are some cold drinks in the .
  4. We didn't like the house we rented for our ski trip because a fireplace.
  5. about 1,500 types of birds in the Amazon jungle.
  6. Do you want to take the elevator or walk the stairs?
  7. Mark at work yesterday.
  8. When Clare was in LA, she saw Justin Bieber coming of a hotel.
  9. Zainab needs to rent an apartment with a for her new car.
  10. "What time home last night?" "Not until after 2:00 a.m.!"
  11. We walked from the train station downtown.
  12. I'm really nervous about the exam today. I up at 5:00 this morning.
  13. Lili $20 on the street yesterday.
  14. over two million visitors to the Taj Mahal last year.
  15. Karl's house has a very small where he has his desk and his computer.
  16. "How many rooms in Buckingham Palace?" "775 – it's very big!"
  17. My glasses fell on the and broke.
  18. We always have our dinner in the room.
  19. Lina to class yesterday.
  20. There are new animal videos on YouTube today. Have a look!
  21. "Where's Nicola in the photo?" "You can't see her because she's Sarah."
  22. When the temperature is 95ºF, you really need air .
  23. I to the restaurant and parked on the street.
  24. Miguel dinner for the first time last night, and it was awful!
  25. a problem with Facebook yesterday. I couldn't upload my new photos.
  26. the movie last night on Channel 5?
  27. The trains are fast and expensive.
  28. I have three boxes of old photos my bed.
  29. There were keys on the table. Where are they now?
  30. There aren't plants in our bedroom.